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Time for some more annoying news stories from the past couple of days…

First off, doctors are launching an attack on “supersized” drinks. This comes from reports that a lot of pubs are offering customers a 250ml glass of wine as the standard size, rather than the 125ml glass. Apparently this is causing people to drink irresponsibly. I would, quite naturally, disagree: a larger glass of wine will take longer to drink, unless you are on a mission to get drunk, in which case it hardly matters what size glass the wine comes in. I just wish the interfering medico fucknuts would fuck the fuck off. I mean they’re meant to be doctors right? So why aren’t they out doing doctor-type things like examining and treating people instead of trying to run our lives? Fuckers.

… … …

Gordo The Goblin King has sent a warning to Mugabe, saying that he is “appalled” at the latest developments in Zimbabwe. Considering that Zimbabwe has been appalling for quite some time, Christ alone must know why Gordo chose now to give Mugabe a telling off. Still, with Gordo on the case the international community need not worry – I’m sure Mugabe is off shitting his kegs now.

… … …

The UK Privy Council has approved plans to change the way that the island of Sark is governed. Sark has, until very recently operated a feudal system of government based on a fiefdom. But apparently, such a form of government does not meet the European Convention on Human Rights. The main issue that I have with this is that as a Crown Dependency, Sark doesn’t actually form part of the United Kingdom, and neither is it part of the European Union – so what right does the EU have to start passing legislation that forces this island to change a form of government that it has had for nearly 600 years?

… … …

A 13 year old boy, Jamie Smith, has been jailed indefinitely, and must serve at least 13 years before being eligible for parole, for the murder of 34 year old Stephen Croft. Jamie battered him to death after getting high on cider and vodka, then threw his body on a bonfire. A lack of parental discipline in the home, caused by Nu Liebour’s attempts to create a perfect “nanny state” where the government looks after everything for you are to blame here I think. Personally, I think the death penalty should be reintroduced, and used in cases like this one – society would be a much better place without people like Jamie hanging around.

… … …

A pack of bomb-wearing terrorists have forced a headteacher to leave her job after hatching a plot to get her accused of racism and Islamophobia. Are there no depths to which these people won’t stoop? Its no wonder the average person in the street can’t stand the fuckers.

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