Specifically, Ed Balls. Ed Balls has issued an ultimatum to around 638 schools across England: improve exam results or face closure.

Despite the government saying that this is a tough new approach to improve under-performing schools, and all the posturing that goes hand-in-hand with every government project costing £400m, it is, as usual, bollocks.

I mean, why are the schools in such a bad state anyway? Could it be because the education system is a crippled piece of shit? Could this new measure simply be in response to the fact that the government has fucked the education system up the arse so hard for the past 11 years that it no longer gives children the skills and focus that they need. That in order to meet arbitrary targets placed on it by a succession of education ministers, exams have become so much easier students now have the qualification and the certificate, but no fucking idea what they are actually doing.

Interesting to note as well that the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales don’t agree with the arbitrary targets imposed by Westminster on school exam results and league tables. So they don’t implement them. So the 638 schools that could close by 2011 if Mr Balls has his way are all in England.


Schools are already suffering from overcrowding, large class sizes, overworked and over-stressed teachers who complain of low pay and poor working conditions. How much better is the system going to be if 638 schools just close over night, Mr Balls?

Something tells me that he just hasn’t thought this one through. Maybe if there was less focus on meeting arbitrary and meaningless targets, and a simple yearly report on results (with aid for schools that are struggling, or who have a larger in-take of children with special learning needs) students leaving the education system would actually have qualifications that meant something, along with some useful skills to allow them to continue into higher education or the job market as they saw fit.

That something also tells me that as long as we have Ed Testicles in charge of the education system, things will only go from bad to worse.

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