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Its been an interesting week for Gordo and the rest of his NuLiebour bunch. Smashed to bits in the by-elections; coming in even behind the BNP, the resignation of Wendy Alexander for bringing the Scottish Parliament into disrepute by accepting illegal donations to her campaign fund, the resignation of David Marshall amid allegations that he illegally used his Commons allowances to pay members of his own family, the failure of the party to field a single candidate in the up-coming Henley by-election, and the recent allegation by a Liebour MP that more than 100 MPs are using their Commons second home allowance to dodge capital gains tax.

On top of all the allegations of sleaze and corruption, the party are some Ã?Â?Ã?£30M in the red, and with some of the largest Trade Unions cutting their funding to political parties, they have no way to get that money back. Indeed, Liebour have started asking their members to help bail them out: if they don’t get the money back, the 33-strong National Executive Committee will be personally liable for a share of that debt – including the Ã?Â?Ã?£12M that has to be paid this year!

I’ve heard the phrase “I’d rather burn out than fade away” before, but this is something totally new – the whole party is in a meltdown. If I wasn’t such a vindictive bastard I’d be feeling really sorry for the poor schmucks that have nailed their colours to the mast of this sinking shite-heap.

… … …

Things aren’t looking too good over in Toryville either. Tory party chairman, Caroline Spelman (of “Nannygate” fame) has sacked the secretary that shopped her to party chiefs for using her Commons expenses to pay her nanny. So Spelman, a corrupt, venal little shit of a woman, sacks the individual responsible for highlighting her illegal use of public money: sounds like perfect grounds for an unfair dismissal case to me. I still can’t help wondering when just one of these money-grubbing little arse-creepers will get prosecuted for fraud and sent down for the maximum penalty.

… … …

Edumaction… Edumucation… Edukashun… Education – however you spell it, our children don’t seem to be getting anywhere near the quality that they should do. People in government and on the executive boards of various education authorities sit and scratch their beardy chins in wonder as our schools turn out an ever more unpleasant batch of retards year on year. And with 14 year olds only needing to answer 21% of questions correctly on their maths exams, is it any wonder?

… … …

Sticking with retarded teenagers for a bit longer, lets examine the case of Sinead Duffy. Sinead is a contemptible streak of piss by any standard. At 14, she has just been given a 2 years anti-social behaviour order for a campaign of threatening violence against a harmless pens
ioner aged 83. It is appalling that teenagers treat their elders in this way: if it wasn’t for the likes of people like Maisie (the pensioner in question) little shits like Sinead wouldn’t have the freedom of expression to verbally abuse people in the street. Still I suppose by Sinead’s generation, this behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary: recent Home Office figures show that girls between 10 and 17 were responsible for 59,236 reported crimes last year.

Let’s just do a quick contrast of the two. Maisie when she was 14:

In 1930s Britain, life for Maisie Walsh, as she was then, was very different to that enjoyed by today’s teenagers.

By the age of 14 she had left school and was working on the presses at a local engineering firm to help support her brother and sister.

And now Sinead:

She is only 14 , but already Sinead Duffy is playing truant from school and terrorising pensioners.

At an age when her great-grandparents’ generation were helping to support their families, she is more likely to be found sitting on a street corner wearing a hooded top and drinking cider.

Ahh! The decay of society. There really is no stench quite like it. And people ask me why I think we need the death penalty reinstating.

… … …

Robert Mugabe is claiming a “sweeping victory” in the second of Zimbabwe’s presidential elections. I think the fact that no one else is actually running (the only opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai was forced out of the election by Mugabe’s mobs) makes it a bit of a shallow victory. Something needs to be done about Mugabe. The western world is constantly told by Africa’s leaders that there must be an “African solution to an African problem”. But they don’t seem particularly inclined to actually do anything other than pontificate and make grand speeches.

The fucker needs a bullet between the eyes, and he needs it sooner rather than later.

… … …

The PC brigade have once again gone a little too far. Not here, thankfully, but in Sweden. An 8-year-old boy has found himself the unlikely centre of attention after failing to invite two classmates to his birthday party. According to their laws, you break someones rights if you give out invitations on school premesis, and don’t invite everyone: its a form of discrimination, apparently.

This is so barmy I can’t believe it. A birthday party is a private function. Irrespective of whose party it is, where the invites are given out or where the party is held, the person holding the party has the right to invite who they damn well like. And if they don’t want to invite someone for whatever reason, then that’s fine too. What right does the educational establishment or the government have to say that a child has to invite all his classmates to his birthday party?

The answer: none what-so-fucking-ever.

I wonder how long it will be before this kind of thing is brought in over here. If you have a party, you must invite Gordon Brown. To help boost his public image.

… … …

The Beeb is at it again. We’re all doomed because a “warming world” is sending plants up-hill. That’s right folks, climate change is causing plants to move further up the mountains to find cooler locations. Apart from the fact that plants aren’t fucking migratory animals of course. They don’t fucking move, except in Lord Of The Rings. This isnt’ the first time that the Beeb has tried to turn a non-story into a prophesy of doom and gloom – a lot of people, institutions and news agencies are at it. The Devil has a story about great moments in climate change alarmism, while Wonko covers the Beeb’s attempts to startle us by saying the Wilkins ice shelf has collapsed.

… … …

On the subject of Liebour’s funding issues, it seems that a lot of wealthy people that have previously given quite substantial sums of money to the party have issued some quite scathing criticisms of Gordo and his seeming inability to do even the slightest thing.

The comments come at a time when Brown’s ratings in the polls are at the lowest level ever, and Liebour is due to file its annual accounts later this week. They are only avoiding financial collapse because of a written guarantee that one major union (Unite) will continue to provide any level of financial backing. A bad decision on the part of Unite if you ask me.

The party is also negotiating with businessmen who lent Liebour millions of pounds to see if they can extend the repayment period by up to a decade.

… … …

In sport, Andy Murray is moving ever closer to the Wimbledon final. The lanky streak of Scottish piss wants the English to support him, despite saying that he would never support England in the World Cup.

Well jockey, you won’t be getting my support at Wimbledon. Largely because I won’t be watching it (it bores the arse off me, frankly) but also because I just can’t stand you, you vacuous little cunt.

… … …

Seems that David Davis should be picking his friends and colleagues with a bit more care and attention. An article in The Independent shows that Davis’ spin-doctor, and man behind his campaign for freedom from state intrusion is none other than Kevin Bell. Kevin Bell is the vice-president of Fleishman-Hillard, a global PR company that represents firms that have introduced ID cards in America and Spain.

Sort of undermines his campaign really.

… … …

Local council chiefs are launching a poster campaign aimed at reminding voters of the work that they do. The posters, which include a picture of a drunk woman vomiting in the street, and a dog shitting in a park, are meant to make people more aware of where their money goes.

If the local authorities actually cleaned the streets, emptied bins or swept up dog shit once in a while, they wouldn’t have to spend our money on this “charm offensive”.

People want to know where their council tax is going? Straight into the back pockets of councillors and front-companies, and on wasted abortions of ideas like this.

Here’s a tip: do the fucking job properly, and you won’t have to continually remind people what you don’t do all the time. It’s not rocket science.

… … …

The Sunday Express is running a poll on the UK’s future in the EU. Asking if there was a referendum tomorrow on continued membership of the EU, would you choose to leave. The results so
far are quite striking. It’s no wonder we didn’t get a referendum on the Constitution Treaty.

… … …

Finally, a woman in South Africa who is divorcing her husband has taken the drastic measure of plastering posters detailing his infidelities to her car in an attempt to publicly shame him into giving her the maintenance payments as ordered by the high court.

(click for a larger view)

The poster on the back of the car reads:

If my soon-to-be-ex-husband thinks he can:
bed down cheap women,
buy them underwear,
wine and dine them in the best restaurants,
take them on five-star holidays,
take ‘excite’ tablets for erectile dysfunction,
go out boozing each night AND not pay me my maintenance as ordered by court,
and think I will take no action, he has another thing coming.

Talk about airing your dirty laundry!

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