Cleggover says discrimination against English students is right

Nick Clegg has told The Telegraph that the institutional racism practised against English people – in particular English students, this time – is perfectly acceptable.

Specifically, he has said that under devolution, it is right that there should be differences between England and Scotland. And he’s right: under a properly devolved government solution, Scotland and England should have the right to determine solutions to their own problems, according to the needs of their people.

And that’s the problem: Scotland has a devolved government that can do these things. England doesn’t.

Cleggover, the slippery bastard spawn of treachery, U-turns, betrayed principles and lies said:

Mr Clegg said: “There’s no point in having devolution if you don’t have devolved and different policy outcomes and that’s precisely what we have in higher education.

“You either believe in the Scottish nation, as I do, and that you have Scottish solutions to Scottish issues or you don’t.

“We believe that it is quite right, as longstanding supporters of proper devolution and indeed further devolution, that you have different solutions in different parts of the country.”

An interesting selection of words from Cleggy. He believes in Scotland as a country, and that Scotland should be free to determine solutions to its own problems. And from the fact that he and his party support tuition fees in England, but not in Scotland, we can determine that he doesn’t believe in England, or English solutions to English problems: he believes in British solutions to English problems, and the fact that England should continue to finance Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, because they want healthcare, tuition, hospital parking, welfare benefits and free prescriptions, but don’t have the money to pay for it themselves.

Wonko has written a quick letter to Cleggover’s office. I shall look forward to seeing what manner of reply is forthcoming.

You can contact his office yourself via a web-form here.

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