Guess the browser

Shamelessly lifted from DK – can you identify these web browsers? There’s a prize on offer if you can get them all right:

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9 Responses to Guess the browser

  1. *chuckles* too easy 😉

  2. quarkgirl

    What’s the prize??

  3. quarkgirl

    The last one?

    • The last one is Internet Explorer. Well done on getting the others right. The prize for guessing correctly is me not deleting your comment 😀

      • quarkgirl

        The last one being Int Ex as it is utter shite! 😉

      • quarkgirl

        That’s no prize…;)

      • quarkgirl

        You’re mean 😉

        • I need to find a new one of these now… We have Waterfox and Edge to contend with now…

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