Charley Bulldog

This little beauty is called Charley. She was stolen from her home in Rugby, Warwickshire, during a burglary some weeks ago now, and her distraught owners want nothing more than to get her back. If she could come back for Christmas, that would be amazing, but just getting her back would be enough. If you know anything concerning the burglary, or where she might be now, please either leave a comment here or get in touch with her owners via their Twitter page:
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4 Responses to Charley Bulldog

  1. quarkgirl

    That’s horrible..I hate anyone who inflicts cruelty on animals..
    Those people need to be strung up

    • The Illusive Man

      They do. Thankfully, Charley is now safely back home – she was recovered in Birmingham a few days ago.

      • That is good news 🙂

        • The Illusive Man

          It is 🙂 I’ve seen a few pics of her in front of the fire with her chew-toys looking very content 🙂

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