Space: What a dump!

At any one moment there are estimated to be as many as 10 million pieces of human-made debris in orbit of the Earth. Oh dear.

(Click for larger view)

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3 Responses to Space: What a dump!

  1. quarkgirl

    I saw this on a programme recently..shocking how much is out there! Not as if it can be recycled!!

    • The Illusive Man

      True… There must be some way to tidy it all up, though… I know a lot of it will eventually burn up in the atmosphere, but there will still be loads of it left. Perhaps they should invest in some great big magnet, or drag a massive net behind the next spaceship to orbit the Earth…

  2. quarkgirl

    Perhaps that will be the next step.It would be prudent.Mount Everest has the same issue!

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