Happy St George’s Day

It’s April 23rd, and that means – as every Englishman should know – that it’s St George’s Day. So, I wish all my lovely readers a very happy day, whatever you’re doing!


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4 Responses to Happy St George’s Day

  1. It went out with a bit of a whimper didn’t it?

    • It did.

      I saw lots of stories about protests against marches for St George and people being told to take down English flags as they were “racist” symbols, but very little “good” news coverage.

      Perhaps next year will be better? At least they won’t have the excuse of The Bard’s 450th anniversary…

      • There are a few events planned for today, including a march in Brighton (not sure if it’s an EDL thing b though- think it might be).

        • If its an EDL thing, that might explain the protests against it.

          That said, why should the English have to fear showing their nationality and their pride in their country because of a few people corrupting the message?

          Its long past time people woke up and realised that being English does not automatically make you a member of the EDL.

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