New car

Its taken me a while to get around to posting about this, but I’ve been riding around in some new wheels for the past couple of weeks.

The Barge (my Volvo S80) which has served me faithfully these past (nearly) 8 years has been traded in, and in its place, I have The Beast: a Jaguar XF, looking resplendent after a wash and polish. She has the requisite 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine and all the fancy toys (some of which I’m still learning about even now…). Black leather interior with walnut wood trim finishes the look.


As the advert says, its good to be bad!

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9 Responses to New car

  1. She is positively gleaming 🙂

    Your post for some reason had stopped showing up in my reader… I have tried adding your feed again. We will see what happens!

    • It’s probably because I’ve changed domains, and hence the old link no longer works. Old articles can still be accessed using their old links (they will redirect to the same link here) but new posts no longer appear on the old site…

      • I thought I had changed the link. But maybe I hadn’t…

        Either way it is sorted now 🙂


    Having briefly driven The Beast I can truthfully say that I can see why The Barge had to go, faithful servant though it was. Driving The Beast is a highly addictive experience which elicited from me a series of little satisfied grunts as we drove along. This car’s ‘waftability’ is supreme and leads me to think you could cover continent crushing mileages in it and arrive unruffled, uncreased and perfectly relaxed. I didn’t test The Beasts acceleration out of respect for The Illusive Man’s property but he did while I rode passenger and this is where the addictive part comes in; the slightest pressure on the throttle elicits a throaty growl from the engine and the whole car seems to lift up and throw itself toward the horizon. The beauty of all this is (or possibly the downside, dependent on whether the Rozzers are around) that you are so well insulated from the outside world you are only aware of how fast you are travelling when you look at the speedo – and my lips are sealed on how fast we were going at the time! I love my 500C but its appeal is completely different to The Beasts. I can’t help but think how nice it would be to have the two in my stable if my numbers came up… *sighs wistfully*

    • I was chauffeured a short distance in The Beast today. Now I know what you mean 😉

      • Though there was no “excessive speed” today, it is certainly very easy to achieve high speed: The Beast has massive amounts of power, and doesn’t seem to like crawling along at 20 MPH all the time…


        It seems like you’re doing 20mph at any speed under 70 in The Beast!

        • That is certainly very true! At 90MPH the engine still isn’t doing 2000 RPM… It hardly has to try!

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