Elite Dangerous: Hyperspace Route Planning

The route planner in Elite Dangerous is one of the best features that has been added to the game. It allows you plot a route from your current location out to a range of 1000 Ly. It works well enough out in the galactic rim where stellar density is low, however in the core regions it can struggle. The distance your ship can travel in a single jump, coupled with the increased star density and the distance you’re plotting over all means that the number of possible routes your ship can take to get from start to finish can be orders of magnitude higher than when you’re in the rim. This means that plotting a long route can sometimes cause the route planner to freeze, and take 30 minutes or more to complete a calculation cycle. The way around this is to plot an optimum length jump: this is the range at which the number of routes is small enough that you will get a response from the planner within 30 seconds. This forum article describes it quite nicely.

To help with this, I’ve written this little C# application. It requires .NET 4.0 but otherwise runs as a stand-alone application. I hope its useful to any aspiring explorers out there!


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