Elite Dangerous: I need a break

It is with a heavy heart I have to announce that CMDR Galen Shepard will be remaining in dock for the foreseeable future.

For some time now I have been feeling disengaged with the game as a whole. I have joined various community groups on Facebook and tried to participate in community activities, even going so far as to send some RP into Frontier to be included in their stories. The Facebook communities were, on the whole, nice places to be and I enjoyed interacting with some interesting and fun people. But I never felt as though I was part of them for some reason: the things I posted or did never seemed to garner much interest, despite similar things from others receiving a great deal of attention. The stories I sent to Zac at Frontier were never included in anything, despite him saying they could be. I’m not saying I’m entitled to have my stuff included in Frontier’s community stuff, but if they had no intention of using it, a simple email saying that it didn’t fit what they had planned was all that was required.

The game itself I am finding an endless grind. I own most of the ships in the game, I have a balance of several hundred million, and all my ranks are nearly at Elite level. I am not interested in PVP, trading is simple when you find a route that offers good mark-ups, and exploration is little more than firing your scanner, looking at the system map for anything interesting while your ship refuels from the star and then jumping away again.

Missions simply require you to move a bunch of stuff from one place to another, kill a certain number of things – or one big thing… The whole structure of missions simply isn’t very engaging at the moment. Engineers add an extra level of depth, but ultimately they boil down to little more than adding some RNG boosts to your ship modules.

I find it a tragedy and a shame that I am sat writing this. I backed the game on Kickstarter at a level that gave me Alpha access, and the excitement I had to see a game from my childhood (I played the original Elite on my BBC Model B, which I still have…) remade on a modern platform with modern graphics has not been fully matched by what has so far been delivered.

I hope this malaise wears off in time and that I will see you out among the stars again in the future.

Fly safe, Commanders.

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One Response to Elite Dangerous: I need a break

  1. Additionally, I now see from FB notifications that the link to this post on Facebook in the Elite Dangerous Community group has been deleted, along with all its comments.

    This is part of the problem with the community that I am now coming to realise. Anything which goes outside the comfort zone of the admins is simply removed. How is the game meant to improve and get better if criticism of it is stifled?

    Before the Admin Hammer was wielded, it seemed that there were a number of people who felt the same as I did regarding the problems with Elite at the moment.

    This sort of petty “I don’t like what you say so I’m going to delete it” thing is the sort of behaviour I thought went out of fashion back in the late 90s… This makes me sad.

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