The Ballad of Chaviano Gateway

The Ballad of Chaviano Gateway
(10th October 3401. Chaviano Gateway. A young trader asks an old man about the Battle of Mapor)

At Chaviano Gateway Hall
There is a plaque upon the wall.
What is it for, this marble mount?
Listen to me, and I’ll recount.

The stories that I heard that night
Here long ago, I cowered in fright
Whilst underneath the stars my fate
Was played out twixt the mad and great:

One dark night the Valiant Few,
The Hutton Truckers and their crew
Set off for Mapor, Mugs in store,
To cure the sick and heal the poor.

This tiny band from Eden’s sun
The pirates counted twenty one
But their translator’s out of tune
For that’s our leader’s nom de plume.

Vingtetun and Psykokow
No Scars yet? Assemble now!
At Ross One Fifty Four, Formate!
All ships report! We can’t be late!

The Wings were made, Les Jeux sont faits
At toll of eight, we sail away.
Firework of wakes across the sky.
Folk bow their heads and wave goodbye.

Alien, cloaked in shadow flew
With Mobius’ help, her way was true
Jump by jump, the fleet grew tense
Irrational Exuberance!

There we stopped for fuel and tea
We gave the waverers choice to flee
And though we felt the rising gloom
We all flew on to meet our doom

As we passed on through Forculus
We heard reports of battles fierce
Between our friends and their dark foe
A Shadow on our hearts did grow.

We passed into uncharted space,
A cold and lonely dangerous place.
Desperate radio calls from friends
As some of them met noble ends.

We passed on through like ships at night
But ‘lo we see Mapor in sight.
Turn our ships and race for shade
Run like the wind through their blockade.

We Hove in Sight, our ships appeared
The mothers waved, the children cheered
The mugs are safe, now journey ends
We drank a toast……to absent friends

But something’s coming, something new
A shadow passed across pad two.
A murderous warship of renown,
As Allerose came barrelling down

I wheeled around and dove away
While screaming, “Freheit save the day!”
My brothers chased him. Out of reach.
Alarm bells ring, “Canopy Breach”.

Dark echoes reverberate,
The heavens blink, Higg’s bosons shake,
A dying ship, a helping hand,
Is there a chance for one last stand?

Run for cover, Remlok on
Two minutes till my air is gone
But now vile treachery descends
Another lurks among my friends.

I might have made it, yes I might
But for Nonya’s Cobra Strike
A searing blast, our mugs were fried,
The mothers wept, the children cried.

Dust and ashes, tears and pain
So near and yet so far again.
When all hope’s lost, what can we do?
Our mission’s failed, can it be true?

Fire and debris marks this place,
Terrible beauty hangs in space,
But smoke rolls back like shimmering water
Through it swims our last pink Orca

Trumpets sound and church bells ring,
The mothers laugh, the children sing,
For this was the day the kids were freed
By Hutton Truckers’ daring deed.

Mission complete, they leave the station
Locked in missing man formation
We’re off for now, to our next meeting
Flossy’s lost and overheating.

So now you know, my stranger friend
How Truckers met their bitter end
And when you pass this way again,
Look at this plaque, and think of them.

The Truckers saved us from disease
When I was a child and on my knees,
But here am I, I still remain
Their sacrifice was not in vain.

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2 Responses to The Ballad of Chaviano Gateway

    • Cheers! I’ve been after a recording of it for a while now… I’ve been making so with the saved podcast!

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