Some things that have been annoying me

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about a few things just lately. I’ve been meaning to find the time to write up about each once, but frankly I couldn’t be bothered. I still mostly can’t so here they all are on one post instead.

Real people don’t need encryption

This statement was uttered by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, after it became apparent that the attackers who were responsible for the deaths at the concert in Manchester had communicated using encrypted messaging apps. This statement is frankly offensive and Amber Rudd is a rotten, sickening cunt who should just fuck right off. The idea that we should all be forced to conduct our private business in the open to make it easier for the state to monitor everything we do and say is Orwellian and disgusting and the fact that she would try and leverage the tragedy in Manchester to her own political advantage shows just what a horrible, soulless creature she really is.

The idea that she and her followers propagate, that if you’re somehow against the idea of the state knowing everything about you you’re in league with or supporting the terrorists is offensive, disgusting and totally wrong. I don’t support terrorism but I also don’t support exposing my private business to anyone with a radio receiver or a copy of WireShark. The reason we are given for the security services wanting this extra level of insight and power is so that they can monitor everything for terrorist activity. Here’s an idea Rudd and the leadership of MI5/MI6 might like to consider: focus your resources better. If you need more people, ask for them and get them hired. Prioritise your workloads, focus on those targets and areas of the community where there is a proven track record of people strapping bombs to themselves and blowing themselves up in shopping centres and concerts. Don’t make suspects of all of us just because you can’t be arsed to do your jobs properly.

For those that say you need to be able to react quickly and that you can’t always wait for the courts to issue warrants and follow the existing processes, this is bullshit of the highest order. Any Minister of Secretary of State rank can sign a warrant and it can be done in minutes. If there’s a reasonable belief that you need a warrant to raid a house or seize some communications equipment, follow the emergency processes (citing national security allows the circumvention of a lot of normal processes and safeguards) and get your warrant that way. Then you only have treat those people whom you have a reasonable belief to be up to something as suspects, not every fucker in the country.

Oh, and journalists: do your fucking jobs. Stop peddling the state line about the use of encryption. I know most of you are technologically illiterate and don’t understand how it works, but that’s no reason to be fearful and spout the propaganda instead of the facts. Do some fucking research: it’s what you’re ostensibly paid for, isn’t it?

Still, on the flip-side it is interesting to think that if we did all live our lives in plain-text and let the state machine hoover up all that data into a great big database, the entirety of all our secret services and most of the police could be replaced with a few scheduled tasks and some SQL queries…

Islamic Terrorism

This doesn’t exist. There is no “Islamic terrorism”, there is only terrorism. Those sick individuals claiming to represent Muslims as they detonate themselves in crowded public places are no more representative of Islam than my dog is a representative of cats. Stop using the term: it serves only to widen the fractures already present in society and create fear and distrust where we should be working hard to bring communities and people closer together.

Basically: if you peddle the idea of “Islamic terrorism”, you’re a cunt. Simple.


First, lets start off by saying that “black” is not a race. It’s a colour. People who are black are human, not some separate species. The idea that we have to sub-divide and categorise everything is shit and, as noted in my little rant above, serves only to reinforce divides and fears between people. Lets start treating people as human instead of black or white or whatever ethnic background they happen to come from. We’ll never make the step to the next level as a species until we can accept the truth that something like skin colour is a load of old pointless bollocks that just be ignored.

Those people who spout bile, vitriol and hatred against groups in our society based purely on ethnicity should shut the fuck up and fuck right off. They’re a cancer growing in our species and we don’t need them: you know what happens to cancers and necrotic tissue in an organ, people? It gets cut out so healthy tissue can grow and cover the wound.


I am not a follower of any religion. I have supreme distaste for the fact they are unscientific, have no basis in fact and yet purport to tell people how they should live their lives, despite being demonstrably built on lies by people who used (and indeed still use) them to control others. Great works of evil have been done in the name of various religions across the centuries and I really wish people would stop putting their faith in imaginary sky wizards and instead focus on something more real. After all, we teach children from an early age that imaginary friends are a bad thing, yet billions of people around the globe believe their sky wizard is better than another sky wizard, despite neither sky wizard having any demonstrable shred of proof of existence.

That said, with the exception of a lot of the Eastern mystic religions which seem largely to be concerned with self-discovery and the personal spirit than any kind of sky wizard, most religions have a central teaching which can effectively be boiled down to the phrase: don’t be a dick.

What a shame it is then that a large number of religions’ most fervent followers spend most of their time being giant bell-ends.

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