DPM2016 CU4 Fix

I’ve noted in other recent posts on DPM that we have been experiencing issues with the latest release of Data Protection Manager 2016 CU4. The main issue has been that when the overnight maintenance jobs run to remove expired replicas from storage, the job causes a service crash when trying to remove some disk/volume backups. SQL and Exchange data don’t cause this issue. I had raised a prem support call with Microsoft about this, and they have advised that it is a bug in 2016 CU4 which can be worked around by running this script against your DPMDB database on the SQL server. This alters the existing prc_RM_ReplicaDataset_GetValidDatasetCountOnPhysicalReplica stored procedure in the database and replaces it with a new version that accepts IncludeDatasetsWithoutSC with a default value of 1 in addition to the DatasourceId and ReplicaId GUIDs.

I expect that Microsoft will roll this fix up into a hotfix for DPM, and it will certainly be resolved in the next update release for the product. As ever, I wouldn’t recommend running this or otherwise altering the database if you’re not having this specific problem. You will be able to identify if you are as your DPM instance will crash overnight during its tidy-up processes; any manual call to the inbuilt PruneShadowCopiesDPM.ps1 script will also cause a crash when it tries to delete an expired disk/volume backup, your server will retain recovery points beyond their retention period for those data sources that haven’t been successfully pruned, and if a crash occurs, you will see the following in the application log on the DPM server itself:

Procedure or function prc_RM_ReplicaDataset_GetValidDatasetCountOnPhysicalReplica has too many arguments specified.

Hope this helps anyone out there having these problems: as ever, please let me know any thoughts, comments or suggestions.

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One Response to DPM2016 CU4 Fix

  1. Markus

    Great – thanks for sharing!

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