How to cheat at Pokemon Go!

One of the things I find myself getting asked reasonably often is whether it’s possible to cheat at Pokemon Go!

The answer is, yes of course it is… It does require installing a hacked version of the app, which (depending on your phone’s operating system) may require installing third-party enterprise certificates and trusting the applications to run. This guide will show screenshots for iOS, however one imagines that Android will work a similar way:

  1. On your phone, using the Safari browser, navigate to and search for Pokemon Go!
  2. Tap the green install button and accept the security warnings, allowing the installation of the application and the store certificate
  3. After the application has installed, open Settings and browse to General > Profiles & Device Management
  4. Click the installed profile for the store, and click to trust the certificate; the cracked application will not start until this trust is in place
  5. After this, you can launch the application (it will install what will appear to be a second copy of Pokemon Go! so ensure you keep them separate so you know which is which)
  6. After launching, enter your birthday and sign in with your normal Pokemon Go! account details and configure your notification and AR settings as normal
  7. While the game is starting, click the rocket icon in the top-left corner to open the location options
  8. The first 5 options are various locations in China (I’m afraid I don’t read Chinese, so I don’t know what these are). Option 6 will cause the application to use your current real-world location as provided by your GPS sensors, while the final option will allow you to enter coordinates for any location you like. These can be obtained by dropping a pin on Google Maps and copying the coordinates:
  9. After choosing your option, tap the blue button to enter the game:

You can move your character around using the directional buttons in the top left. Tapping the little man symbol will allow you to change your movement speed:

  1. Man – average walking speed
  2. Bike – average cycling speed
  3. Car – average driving speed
  4. Plane – average aeroplane speed

Be careful about moving too quickly, as travelling too fast will cause the game to not count the distance moved towards your egg hatching and your buddy’s candy. The buttons added by the cracked file can moved by tapping and holding, then dragging. The rest of the game will play exactly the same as the normal game: gyms can be taken or reinforced, Pokestops can be swiped and Pokemon captured and evolved and eggs hatched exactly as normal. The only part of the hack that I haven’t seen working is the in-game store, so you’ll need to use your real version for any in-game purchases.

Again, be careful when you’re using the rocket options: Niantic may not know when you’re using this cracked version of the game, but they will know if you’re moving too quickly. Its not possible to travel from London to Adelaide in 10 minutes, so if you do that in the hacked version, you’re likely to get your account banned. Spoof your location sensibly, people!

Finally, when Niantic release an update to the genuine game, you may find that the cracked version stops working and when launched, prompts for an update. This happens because Niantic will have made running the most current version mandatory. You’ll need to wait until a new cracked version appears on the store, then re-install it. Similarly, you may need to delete and re-install the crack if the store certificate chain changes, as this will invalidate the trust.

Gotta catch em all!

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