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You broke my heart…


PRTG is a comprehensive monitoring system used by a large number of network and system admins around the globe. It features a nice API with which you can extract data, and to help get uptime data out of the system, I’ve written a handy little application which you can download here. It runs on Windows […]

DPM and disk volumes

If you make use of Microsoft DPM for disk-based backups, you may find yourself wanting to identify which data sources are protected on the logical volumes on the disks in your storage pool. If you open the Disk Management snap-in, you’ll see something like this: You can open the properties for the volume from the […]

Darkest Dungeon

You remember our venerable house? Opulent and imperial… Darkest Dungeon is an example of how early access works when done correctly. I feel like I’ve been playing the game for a lot longer than its actually been out: I purchased it as a recommendation ages ago when it was an early access title. I loved […]

Exchange and mailbox move requests

Came across an odd one today. I had a mailbox move request queued in Exchange: the mailbox was moving from one database on one server, to another database on another server. The move was local: no cross-domain migration or anything funky, just a straight-forward move to balance load across mailbox databases. The job had been […]

IIS and large file uploads

So you have IIS installed and your nice website is up and running, just ready and waiting for users. There’s just one problem… Whenever anyone submits a file upload they get a 404 error page… Which is a bit odd, because the pages are all there. And after a bit of testing, you spot that […]

Elite Dangerous – A New Pilot’s Guide

So, as the festive period draws to a close across the galaxy, 3202 is likely to begin with a lot of new pilots looking to get the best out of their new ships, and wondering where to make a start on their career in the void. As a seasoned navigator of the void, I – […]

Warhammer End Times: Vermintide

Next up in my list of games that have been eating all my time is Warhammer End Times: Vermintide by Fatshark games. Set in the End Times of the famed Warhammer Fantasy world. The game is a co-op first-person melee fighting game, in a similar vein to Left 4 Dead. Players take on the role […]

The future

The future is an interesting place. If you’re anything like me you’ll have sat and wondered what it might hold: not in the small terms of the next few years, but on a cosmic scale of millions of years. Well, I got the image below emailed to me the other day and I think its […]


I’m sure no one on the right side of the pond can have missed the stories of flooding and misery that have been in the headlines for the past few weeks. Just before the main holiday season, thousands of homes and businesses have been swept away by flood waters which have left a trail of […]