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Horizon: The secret life of cats

So Horizon is showing The Secret Life Of Cats. In which we get to see what 50 flea-bitten moggies get up to during the hours their “owners” are away, and during the night. One cannot help wonder why these cats are not kept indoors, and are allowed to roam and defecate on other peoples’ property […]

A few things

There have been a couple of things lately which have annoyed me in one way or another. I meant to write about them all individually at the time, however the Universe had other ideas, and so I find myself writing about them all under one post, right now… Firstly the “bedroom tax“. It is not […]

Voyager to the final frontier

This is the tale of the two most intrepid explorers in our planet’s history. This is the Voyager story.


I’ve been slow to comment on the recent issues surrounding the BBC for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to wait for more information to come out regarding the scandals – its hard to comment on an incomplete picture; secondly, I wanted to make sure I had all my thoughts correct before I started […]


The last week of April and the first two weeks of May are traditionally reserved for the world championships of the snooker. This year it hasn’t been without its share of controversy: Mark Allen accused all the Chinese players of being cheats after he was defeated in the opening rounds, Ding Junhui said the condition […]

Frozen Planet

Its TV series like this one which remind me what an oft-beautiful and breathtaking world we live in. Be sure to catch it when it shows.

Japan and the nuclear doom

So, all the nuclear power plants in Japan are going to explode and we’re all going to die. According to Richard Black, anyway, whose credentials regarding nuclear science and the construction of nuclear power plants and reactors themselves are dubious at best. Yet another journalistic hack filling in what he doesn’t know (a lot) with […]


A few short days ago, I complained to the BBC about the manner in which Brillo “interviewed” Chris Mounsey of the Libertarian UK party. Well, I have now received a reply from Auntie… Dear Pupazz Thanks for your e-mail regarding the ‘Daily Politics Election Special’ on 14 April. We’re glad you appreciate the show’s decision […]

Rest in peace

It is with a heavy heart that I must write to say that The Kitchen is dead. The Devil is still with us, and will continue, but the end of an era has come. I understand The Devil’s decision to remove his old content, but the circumstances surrounding it still leave me seething with rage. […]

Oh, how Brand!

The good ol Beeb has been forced to issue an apology after those offences to the human genetic make-up that are Russell Brand and Jonathan Woss left a good number of utterly outrageous messages on the answer phone of actor Andrew Sachs – alias Manuel from Fawlty Towers – while recording a radio show. They […]