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I’m sure no one on the right side of the pond can have missed the stories of flooding and misery that have been in the headlines for the past few weeks. Just before the main holiday season, thousands of homes and businesses have been swept away by flood waters which have left a trail of […]

Climate change in 12 minutes


People often say to me: “Illusive Man, you callipygian super-being, what are your thoughts on X?” where X can be any topical issue of the moment. Well, I thought it was about time I got it all down in a post for everyone to read. If I’ve missed something important, feel free to let me […]

Quote of the day

This, on the subject of the anti-fracking protesters, comes from the pen of Sir Bernard Ingham, the Press Secretary for Margaret Thatcher during her time in government: It seems they want us all to live in their yurts, tepees and wigwams in a sort of glorious, save-the-planet pre-industrial squalor – regardless of our manifest objections. […]

Climate change in a nutshell

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Its all in the timing

For those who don’t share my humour at what’s happening, allow me to explain: On the very day that the Government has announced a 75% subsidy for charging points for electrical cars we also get reports from Ofgem that energy bills will rise over the coming year, particularly for gas and electricity, as older power […]


I’ve been slow to comment on the recent issues surrounding the BBC for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to wait for more information to come out regarding the scandals – its hard to comment on an incomplete picture; secondly, I wanted to make sure I had all my thoughts correct before I started […]

No need to panic about global warming

A collective of sixteen scientists have written an article in the Wallstreet Journal, basically saying that there’s no need to panic about all this global warming stuff. I shall leave you to read through it yourselves, but it does make some good points, and all the emphasis thereon is mine: A candidate for public office […]

Wind farms: what’s the point?

Seriously, what is the point? The government is persisting in mad plans to carpet large swathes of the country in them, allegedly to meet almost impossible targets under various pieces of “green” legislation and treaties. But here’s the rub: these things don’t produce any electricity when the wind doesn’t blow, making them expensive and useless. […]

We’re all doomed!

I’ve long been of the opinion that the large majority of the stuff we hear about AGW/climate change is a load of arse-gravy, but this has to win some kind of award for alarmist bollocks of the most surprising proportions: Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations. No, you haven’t tripped out and entered […]