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Obtaining an STS token from ADFS using Windows Authentication

This one has had me stumped for a bit now. An organisation where I work has an Office365 tenancy which is federated with an on-premises Active Directory. I have been working on an application which needs to authenticate to SharePoint Online to perform actions on behalf of users. The first version I wrote worked well, […]

Backing up lots of SQL databases

Sometimes you might need to back up databases in a SQL instance, perhaps to keep a checkpoint or to restore them to another SQL server or instance. Its easy to do this manually if you only have a couple of databases in the instance, but what if you have lots of them? That would be […]

Removing Accepted Domains

Had an interesting one just recently whereby an accepted domain in an Exchange organisation I administer could not be removed. Despite the fact that all users and distribution groups with the relevant address had long been deleted, along with their mailboxes and organisational units, each attempt to remove the domain from Exchange returned the following […]

DPM and the 100 failed file limit

Regular readers and viewers will know that I use Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager (DPM) a lot, and I’m a fan of the product, despite some serious issues with recent updates (see other DPM posts for the details)… One thing that I never could never get my head around, though, is the fact that if you’re […]

Exchange Online Migration Error

Had a strange one at work this week when trying to migrate a user from our on-premises Exchange environment to Exchange Online. After starting a migration batch for a specific user, the following error message was reported almost immediately and the migration batch went into a state of permanent failure: Error: MigrationPermanentException: Couldn‎’t load the […]

Exchange OU picker

It came to my attention recently that in one of the Exchange 2013 environments I look after, when creating a new object (whether that’s a mailbox, distribution group or anything else) that requires you to choose an Organizational Unit (OU) for the new object to sit in, the following screen was appearing instead of the […]

ADFS: Finding when users were synced

ADFS – Active Directory Federation Services – is a great technology that allows you to synchronise your on-premises Active Directory environment with an Office365 tenancy. Unfortunately it can sometimes be a little impenetrable in terms of querying when changes to objects are replicated to O365. While you can search for objects using the Metaverse Search […]

Microsoft Bob: Really that bad?

DPM2016 CU4 Fix

I’ve noted in other recent posts on DPM that we have been experiencing issues with the latest release of Data Protection Manager 2016 CU4. The main issue has been that when the overnight maintenance jobs run to remove expired replicas from storage, the job causes a service crash when trying to remove some disk/volume backups. […]

Pruning DPM Replicas

There are times when, as a DPM administrator, you might want to prune disk-based replicas of data sources, either to save space or because of another reason entirely. As we’re currently experiencing an issue with DPM 2016 CU4 whereby replicas of filesystem data (disks/volumes/directories/shares) aren’t being pruned (the maintenance task calls a SQL procedure with […]