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Making your websites more secure

Most web administrators will be familiar with the concept of certificates. Essentially, these are digital ID tags that clients and servers use to ensure the identity of communication partners, as well as the integrity of transmitted data. They are also responsible for the cryptographic exchanges which form the backbone of our secure digital communications. Most […]


You may have heard quite a bit in the news recently about a security issue with something called OpenSSL: the exploit has been rather dramatically referred to as Heartbleed. So what is OpenSSL, and what is “Heartbleed”, exactly? OpenSSL is an open source – that is freely downloadable – security suite for providing security and […]

SQL Server Configuration Manager

Keeping with my theme of writing about interesting computing problems, I’m going to write a little bit about a problem I encountered recently trying to start SQL Server Configuration Manager for a SQL 2008 R2 database running on a Windows Server 2008 server. Every time I tried to start it, I received the following error: […]

Windows Services

We had an interesting problem at work recently, where services running on a Windows Server 2008 box wouldn’t restart after they had failed, even though restart options had been set in each of the affected service’s properties windows. These services were running on an Enterprise Archiving server, meaning that for users archived files and email […]


People, please. I must ask you all to demonstrate a little common sense when “liking” things on Facebook and when forwarding things via email. I’ve had a few pieces of “good advice” and some “security warnings” pop up in my Facebook feed recently, as well as quite a few spam messages inviting me to confirm […]

iOS 7 and your battery

iOS 7 for the Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices is a great new upgrade with a host of neat and useful features. Sadly, it comes with the problem of the fact that it beats the shit out of your battery, necessitating frequent recharges. These handy tips can help you make the most of your battery […]


People often say to me: “Illusive Man, you callipygian super-being, what are your thoughts on X?” where X can be any topical issue of the moment. Well, I thought it was about time I got it all down in a post for everyone to read. If I’ve missed something important, feel free to let me […]

256-bit SSL with IIS7

Internet Information Services – or IIS, as its more commonly seen in its abbreviated form – is Microsoft’s web server, and forms part of its Server operating systems. Its a solid and reliable web server, with some nice features, even if the revamp the admin console saw in IIS7 (released as part of Server 2008) […]

Querying Active Directory

So you want to get some information from AD? You want a list of users, across the whole domain, which brings back a specific set of properties and puts that into a CSV file you can sort or query further. Well, this little VBScript snippet of mine will help you there: You can find more […]


PowerShell is pretty neat. You can use it to do all kinds of neat things. Here’s a few that you might find useful: This starts at the root of the T: drive and goes through all sub-folders (even hidden and system ones) looking for desktop.ini files and where it finds such items, it deletes them. […]