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I’m sure no one on the right side of the pond can have missed the stories of flooding and misery that have been in the headlines for the past few weeks. Just before the main holiday season, thousands of homes and businesses have been swept away by flood waters which have left a trail of […]

UKIP and why I’ll be voting for them

Those of you who don’t live in the EU have probably escaped the fact that on May 22, a large proportion of us are going to vote for our representatives in the European Parliament – our MEPs. I have been asked on several occasions how I plan to vote, and why. I plan to vote […]

The Tories and the truth about Europe

I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while, but I’ve somehow always had something a little more interesting to do. Nigel Farage has said that UKIP isn’t a Tory splinter group. And quite right he is, too: they aren’t. However Nigel isn’t the reason I feel like commenting. This little snippet from that […]

Here’s Nigel…

Meanwhile, in a cosy club somewhere in Westminster…

Vote 2013

Well, hustings are over, the buntings are down, the votes are in and the results are out. There were elections in 34 English councils, as well as a Parliamentary by-election in South Shields and a couple of mayoral elections yesterday. The results were quite interesting, especially considering some of the dirty tactics that both the […]

A few things

There have been a couple of things lately which have annoyed me in one way or another. I meant to write about them all individually at the time, however the Universe had other ideas, and so I find myself writing about them all under one post, right now… Firstly the “bedroom tax“. It is not […]

RIP Margaret Thatcher

So it turns out the rumours I’ve been hearing all day are true. Margaret Thatcher is dead. She died peacefully this morning following a stroke, which itself follows on a recent history of poor health. Baroness Thatcher was certainly divisive figure in British politics – she certainly polarised opinion on both the left and the […]

MPs to be paid in food stamps

Shamelessly lifted from The Daily Mash: MEMBERS of Parliament will receive their salaries in food vouchers to prevent them wasting money on alcohol and duck houses. The radical reform of political benefits is designed to stop vulnerable MPs putting vintage port and quasi-medieval home adornments before everyday family needs. Tory backbencher Denys Finch Hatton reacted […]

Is David Cameron running scared of UKIP?

So, as David “Call Me Dave” Cameron cancels his long-awaited speech on Europe (he means the EU) which he was due to deliver whilst in the Netherlands tomorrow as he wants to stay here and keep on top of the latest developments unfolding in Algeria, he has said in an interview with House magazine that […]

The history of British governments

I’ve often thought I’d like to write up a synopsis of politics and the governments in this country over the last century. As a sort of reference guide. It was always going to be quite a challenge getting it all right, however Al Murray – the ever entertaining Pub Landlord – has saved me the […]