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Its a piece of piss cake

Have you ever sat and wondered how retarded this government is? I have, but this latest of their forays into idiocy has left me simply stunned. They may look easy enough, but the recipes of Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith are actually very tricky to follow, a Government study has found. Seriously? The government has […]

Alex Salmond: More discrimination

Alex Salmon, the racist leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party has outlined new legislation which will further compound the already intolerable discrimination that English people face. Under his new legislation proposals, Scottish students will no longer have to pay the “graduate endowment” of £2289 when they finish their courses, whereas their English counterparts studying north […]

Tuition fees waivered

The Scottish Parliament is to waiver tuition fees for the children of asylum seekers if they have been at school for more than three years the BBC reports. I wonder where the money to fund this gem of an idea will come from.

The school lottery – it could be you!

Gordo the Goblin King has said that places in schools will be allocated on a “lottery” system. He claims that doing this will help poorer families because richer people won’t be able to move into a catchment area to give their children a place in a better school. A pilot scheme in Brighton has already […]

Aw! Go on, lend us one! I’ll give it back, I promise!

Anyone fancy borrowing a teacher? I know I was rather lucky when I was school/college – there were a number of teachers that would have liked to borrow (if you’re out there KLW, do get in touch…), but I’m not here to think on finer things.  Mores the pity. The Education secretary, Alan Johnson, has […]