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Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition

In advance of Square releasing FFXV on PC, I’ve been playing the demo that has been available on Steam. Please enjoy these few clips I captured from the first part of the game.         Expect more clips and a full review after the game is released…

FF7: Getting a Gold Chocobo without racing

There are actually two ways to get a Gold Chocobo without competing in the Chocobo races at the Gold Saucer. One of those involves defeating Ultima WEAPON to make Ruby WEAPON appear, then defeating Ruby to get the Desert Rose, for which the Kalm Traveller will reward you with a Gold Chocobo. However, as defeating […]

How to cheat at Pokemon Go!

One of the things I find myself getting asked reasonably often is whether it’s possible to cheat at Pokemon Go! The answer is, yes of course it is… It does require installing a hacked version of the app, which (depending on your phone’s operating system) may require installing third-party enterprise certificates and trusting the applications […]

Thought for the day

Shamelessly stolen from the Core Rulebook of the Elite: Dangerous RPG: … when you’re out there in your ships, a canopy of stars above you, and not a living thing for a million miles all around, the light of a purple dwarf star glinting off the hull plates, and an unexplored galaxy stretching out in […]

The Ballad of Chaviano Gateway

The Ballad of Chaviano Gateway (10th October 3401. Chaviano Gateway. A young trader asks an old man about the Battle of Mapor) At Chaviano Gateway Hall There is a plaque upon the wall. What is it for, this marble mount? Listen to me, and I’ll recount. The stories that I heard that night Here long […]

Elite Dangerous: I need a break

It is with a heavy heart I have to announce that CMDR Galen Shepard will be remaining in dock for the foreseeable future. For some time now I have been feeling disengaged with the game as a whole. I have joined various community groups on Facebook and tried to participate in community activities, even going […]

Gaming: Things I’d like to see

Greetings everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but with a lot new game content on titles I play extensively coming out now, I thought I’d take the opportunity to waffle on for several paragraphs about things I like, things I don’t like and things I’d like to see more or […]

Elite Dangerous: Hyperspace Route Planning

The route planner in Elite Dangerous is one of the best features that has been added to the game. It allows you plot a route from your current location out to a range of 1000 Ly. It works well enough out in the galactic rim where stellar density is low, however in the core regions […]

Elite: Dangerous – Engineers Beta, First Impressions

Well, participating in beta testing can always be a bit of a rocky road, and so it started with the new beta of the next update to Elite: Dangerous. The update, called Engineers, had some issues being delivered to those members of the community that should have had access to it, myself included. People reported […]

Darkest Dungeon

You remember our venerable house? Opulent and imperial… Darkest Dungeon is an example of how early access works when done correctly. I feel like I’ve been playing the game for a lot longer than its actually been out: I purchased it as a recommendation ages ago when it was an early access title. I loved […]