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From here to maternity

No, I haven’t got anyone pregnant. This is actually to do with a charity fund raising event. A friend of mine – Kerry Amr – is part of a team walking 17 miles from Shrewsbury Hospital to the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. The event is taking place on Friday 10 May 2013, and both […]

Ban that sugar!

So the health nazis are on the march again. Shadow Health Secretary – Andy Burnham – has had two years to come up with a policy which will win voters from the Evil Conservatives back to the Shining Knights of Labour. With the coalition government being so shite, and having had so much time to […]

The olympics and junk food sponsorships

The health stasi. The olympics – I refuse to give it a capital letter. Two of the things I find myself hating most of all at the moment. I’m tired of all the olympics prep work we’ve been doing at work – we’ve had years to prepare, and it seems that all government departments are […]

The NHS: Rest in peace

I’m a little behind the curve with this, but I’ve just seen this article from the Sunday Observer: A majority of doctors support measures to deny treatment to smokers and the obese, according to a survey that has sparked a row over the NHS’s growing use of “lifestyle rationing”. Some 54% of doctors who took […]

The budget… And one or two other things, too…

There’s been a few things I wanted to line up in my sights from the recent budget statement by the Chancellor – George Osborne – but a mixture of laziness, illness and Mass Effect 3 have prevented it. Until now. First into the cross-hairs is minimum pricing for alcohol, and more here. The government is […]

Keeping healthy

H/T: The White Hand, via email

Fucking chocolate fucking oranges

My second rant for today was going to be about this. Ed Milipede has attacked Cameron over failing to tackle cut-price chocolate oranges. Seriously folks, I wish I was making this shit up. I needed to simmer down a little before I started ranting, and in that time I found that Dick Puddlecote had already […]

Cleggover says discrimination against English students is right

Nick Clegg has told The Telegraph that the institutional racism practised against English people – in particular English students, this time – is perfectly acceptable. Specifically, he has said that under devolution, it is right that there should be differences between England and Scotland. And he’s right: under a properly devolved government solution, Scotland and […]

Sodium chloride!

Fuck. I see from the Metro that the health police are on the march again, this time they are moaning on about the amount of salt in our food. The majority do not know four slices of some supermarket breads contain a third ââ?¬â?? 2g ââ?¬â?? of the recommended daily intake of salt. For the […]


Via DK, from The Spectator: Iatrogenesis accounts for the deaths of an estimated 72,000 British people every year – or slightly more than the combined numbers of those feckless people dying from smoking, drinking and being very fat. I suppose you could call it the silent killer; there are no government campaigns to educate the […]