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How do you know whether you’re on to a good deal or not? Most people would compare what they’re getting against what other people are getting and make an educated judgement to determine that. So when politicians talk about rising energy prices and the costs of heating homes, we need to look and see what […]

Have I gone mad?

I saw a link to this story in my Twitter feed first thing this morning. When I read it, I thought for a moment that I had actually gone insane: Harriet Harman has praised ‘heroic’ immigrants who claim welfare payments in Britain and use the cash to support families living abroad. She said the Government […]


PFI – or Private Finance Initiatives – have been a staple of government procurement for quite a while now. They were first introduced by John Major’s government, but it took Tony Blair to really get a handle on them and make them popular. For those unaware, this is how a PFI contract works. Say, for […]

MPs going green

No, I don’t mean they’re getting jealous, or anything like that, I mean that they’re spending our money on some frivolous greenery for their offices. Almost £400,000 of our money on 12 fig trees to provide shade for the atrium in Portcullis House. Taxpayers are footing a bill of almost £400,000 to rent 12 fig […]

Fucking chocolate fucking oranges

My second rant for today was going to be about this. Ed Milipede has attacked Cameron over failing to tackle cut-price chocolate oranges. Seriously folks, I wish I was making this shit up. I needed to simmer down a little before I started ranting, and in that time I found that Dick Puddlecote had already […]

Liebour’s Children – in their own words

I found this report on the BBC’s web page: two girls being interviewed by a reporter explain why they were involved in the riots. Apparently its about “showing the rich we do what we want”. By rioting, looting and causing untold amounts of criminal damage which will cost hundreds of millions of pounds to put […]

Its all in the numbers

According to this article in the Torygraph, our national debt is about to top £2 trillion. Yep, that’s £2,000,000,000,000. Given that the population of the UK is roughly 60.4 million people, that means the state is in debt to the tune of £33,116 for every man, woman and child in the country. Or I can […]

How much?!

Record companies have launched a lawsuit against online sharing service Limewire. This isn’t really unusual: record companies have been filing legal proceedings against file sharing sites since the early days of Napster back in 2000. This one is a little different in terms of scale, however; the companies are demanding $75 trillion in damages and […]

The Digital Economy Bill

It seems this may have been rushed through Parliament before it was disolved for the General Election, and it has some disturbing things in it. Cnet has listed nine things you won’t be able to do any more under the proposed law. Watch copyrighted content No shizzle, Sherlock. Accessing copyrighted movies and music is illegal […]

Save the Leprechauns!

It seems that the EU has launched another bout of madness. In case any leprechauns – you know, those mythological creatures from Irish legend – are feeling persecuted, they can now travel to Slieve Foy Mountain on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth, where they have been granted protected status by the EU. There is […]