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Thought for the week

Be made of more.


People often say to me: “Illusive Man, you callipygian super-being, what are your thoughts on X?” where X can be any topical issue of the moment. Well, I thought it was about time I got it all down in a post for everyone to read. If I’ve missed something important, feel free to let me […]

Thought for the week

The Day The World Died

The Day The World Died by Miracle Of Sound The day the world died We disappeared Past rusted turnstiles We persevere The wheels of conflict Still move and turn The day the world died Nothing was learned And the future’s a tunnel stretching endlessly Into nothing stumble in the black And the light at the […]

Quote of the day

This, on the subject of the anti-fracking protesters, comes from the pen of Sir Bernard Ingham, the Press Secretary for Margaret Thatcher during her time in government: It seems they want us all to live in their yurts, tepees and wigwams in a sort of glorious, save-the-planet pre-industrial squalor – regardless of our manifest objections. […]


I figured that would get your attention. Now that I have it, permit me to hold it a little while longer. I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now, but each time I sat down at my keyboard to write something, all that came out was RAAAGE! Well, hopefully I’ve settled down […]

The next Crusade

Its been a while since the Church had a good old-fashioned Crusade. Rampaging across the Holy Land slaughtering Muslims is a bit too dangerous for the various Bishops and Clergy these days, so they’re having a Crusade against Wonga. This is, apparently, because Wonga – a company regulated by various credit / financial services acts […]

MPs expenses

I see from Twitter that MPs expenses are once again a fashionable topic. I’m not quite sure why that is, this time, but one would hazard a guess that its something to do with them being a bunch of greedy, conniving, thieving little shits who just can’t stop themselves from stealing our money. But I […]

Vote 2013

Well, hustings are over, the buntings are down, the votes are in and the results are out. There were elections in 34 English councils, as well as a Parliamentary by-election in South Shields and a couple of mayoral elections yesterday. The results were quite interesting, especially considering some of the dirty tactics that both the […]

Thought for the week

When yesterday is gone and tomorrow is near, why look for a thing when its already here? And tell me you never once asked yourself how some people end up in the middle of the now. Now is the beat of the feet on the floor, now is the then we were all waiting for, […]