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Portsmouth betrayal should be a rallying call for English independence

The British government is closing Portsmouth’s shipyard to protect jobs at the Clyde shipyards in Glasgow in a transparently political move to placate the Scots ahead of their independence referendum. Just look at these comments from some of the English workers the Brits are sacrificing to protect Scottish jobs: It’s definitely a political decision. All […]


The last week of April and the first two weeks of May are traditionally reserved for the world championships of the snooker. This year it hasn’t been without its share of controversy: Mark Allen accused all the Chinese players of being cheats after he was defeated in the opening rounds, Ding Junhui said the condition […]

Scottish independence

This has been in the news for quite a while now. Alex The Salmon has been banging the Celtic war drums again, trying to drum up support for his nationalist party’s policy of breaking apart the UK, separating the union between Scotland and England for the first time in 300 years. Ironically, support for the […]


And the Sweaty Socks go down and out. No finer place for them.

What does it take?

It’s been a while since I had a pop at the Scottish Raj. But seeing this article after getting home from work made me think – What does it take to make the English angry? Certainly not the fact that people in Scotland get £10,212 per head more spent on them than those in England, […]

Cleggover says discrimination against English students is right

Nick Clegg has told The Telegraph that the institutional racism practised against English people – in particular English students, this time – is perfectly acceptable. Specifically, he has said that under devolution, it is right that there should be differences between England and Scotland. And he’s right: under a properly devolved government solution, Scotland and […]

Location, location, location

The finances of this country are in the shit. Even El Gordo can admit this. They are so in the shit that a massive amount of work will have to be undertaken in order to get us back into the black and avoid an embarrassing bail-out from the IMF. Most of this work will centre […]

Save the Scots!

El Gordo has shown his true British colours today by pledging to save Scottish workers who would otherwise be faced with losing their jobs following the merger of Lloyds TSB and the Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS). Nothing is mentioned about saving the jobs of people in England who might be affected by this merger, […]

By-election results

Yesterday we were treated to some very nice by-elections. The one everyone will have heard of is the one for the Parliamentary seat in Glasgow (East) – the constituency neighbouring our illegitimate Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Labour were hoping for a big win here… and were they disappointed! Not quite so high on people’s list […]

Exit court left

English-hating tennis hack Andy Murray has been knocked out of wimbledon. Good riddance you lanky streak of Scottish piss. One can only hope he will never darken the borders of our nation again. Tosser.