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Thought for the day

Shamelessly stolen from the Core Rulebook of the Elite: Dangerous RPG: … when you’re out there in your ships, a canopy of stars above you, and not a living thing for a million miles all around, the light of a purple dwarf star glinting off the hull plates, and an unexplored galaxy stretching out in […]

Space Oddity

I’m sure everyone must have heard it by now, but before returning to Earth from the International Space Station, Commander Chris Hadfield recorded a cover version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Quite a haunting song at the best of times, but given a new dimension given where it was recorded. In entirely unrelated news, a […]

The physics of warp travel

To quote Douglas Adams inHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, space is big. The nearest celestial object to Earth is the moon, and that is 383,400 KM away from us. It takes light just over 1 second to travel from the lunar surface to the Earth’s surface. When you look up at the sky and see […]

Funding X-COM

For those that don’t know, X-COM is a series of games and associated media set in an alternate present-day Earth and deals with the workings of a multi-national agency with the specified aim of defending Earth and Humanity against alien aggressors. It might sound like an odd thing to be wondering, but should we – […]

Voyager to the final frontier

This is the tale of the two most intrepid explorers in our planet’s history. This is the Voyager story.

Night life

The Human race has had an impact on the planet unlike anything else in history. For the first time we have the technology to look back at our cradle and see the lights we shine into the heavens.

Space: What a dump!

At any one moment there are estimated to be as many as 10 million pieces of human-made debris in orbit of the Earth. Oh dear. (Click for larger view)

First Light: The Dark Age of the Universe

A view from the heavens

On the day that NASA’s Curiosity Rover checked into Foursquare from Gale Crater on Mars, it seems a suitable time to take a little introspective look at our own planet…