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Horses’ arses

Anyone ever really stopped and wondered about railroad tracks? They’re very interesting things. The standard railroad gauge (the distance between the two tracks) in the USA is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. A somewhat arbitrary number, if you stop and think about it. Why was that number used? The answer is simple: because that’s the way […]

Its all in the timing

For those who don’t share my humour at what’s happening, allow me to explain: On the very day that the Government has announced a 75% subsidy for charging points for electrical cars we also get reports from Ofgem that energy bills will rise over the coming year, particularly for gas and electricity, as older power […]

How much do you pay?

During my lunch break at work today, I found this handy little tool on the BBC website which allows you compare how much your petrol/diesel costs with other countries around the world, and also tells you how much your tank would be without the added cost of tax: (Click for a larger view) To give […]

Rail travel, eh?

I see that the cost to travellers of the rail network will be increasing, in some cases by up to 13%. Well that’s just fucking fine, isn’t it? The cost of everything is seeming to go up, but the retards in charge of the economy can’t get wealth flowing back into the country enough to […]

That’s (Green) progress for you

According to the BBC, the electric car has arrived in Edinburgh. Progress, one might think. But let us travel back in time… The year is 1750, and the fasted way to get to London from Edinburgh is the horse-drawn coach. In fact, the fastest way to get anywhere is on the back of a gallping […]


The Ford Focus

I’ve never really been a fan of Fords. Until they started stealing technology from Volvo and Jaguar, their engines were only ever good at going downhill. Thankfully, they are somewhat better today – and so are their adverts: the following music is actually played on instruments made from parts of the new Ford Focus!

God save the Queen

As played on a Renault F1 V10…

Kwik Fit

We’ve all seen the adverts for these people on the telly. Well, attentive readers may have noticed that I have moved. I drove back to see the folks on Friday after work, and must have picked up a slow puncture on my front near tyre. Needing to get it checked quickly, I went to Kwik […]

Car of the future

Saw this on Top Gear earlier on. For all those lentil-munchers who think that we should all abandon our pursuit of technology and advancement in favour of living in yurts, there is this – the Honda FCX Clarity. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, you fill it up in the same way you might a […]