The Wall of DES

Blame Wonko, he thought the idea up! A page containing a list of all the insults used to describe the blogger known as “Dirty European Socialist

We’ll kick things off by starting on home turf with the following:

“He’s so dumb I fear that I may have become stupider just by reading him. This is not a simple case of him being mistaken, or even mildly retarded. He’s a black hole of intelligence which sucks in and destroys every thing that is good and decent.” – Mike Stajduhar

“This bottom feeder is without doubt a coward…” – Monkey

“DirtyEuropeanSocialist, you’re a retarded cock.” – Wonko

“…you odious pig-fucking turd burglar.” – Wonko

“Weapons-grade cock end.” – Obnoxio The Clown

“This fruitcake seems to cropping up quite a bit lately.” – Maverick

“…I wonder if he’s not just a very sad and lonely person who is seriously mentally ill who would once have been looked after in residential care.” – Anonymous

“Those who take him seriously need therapy.” – Andrew Allison

“I see the Mong retard has escaped again.” – Rob

“DES you really are a window licking, ill educated MONG” – Des is a MONG

“…you little scrote.” – Rob

“What has happened to your loopy blog? You haven’t posted any of your illiterate, moronic ravings on it for ages, so give us all a laugh and please resume your (ab)normal service. And while you are about it, can you get a friend to show you how to add a comment section to it so we can all laugh at you directly?” – Chas

“Dirty European Socialist is a barking mad nutter who should only be approached when wearing full anti-loon protection gear. Seriously, he must be about thirteen years old and an idiot to boot.” – DK

“You’re such a fucking cock, the only reason Guido lets the fucktards like you post here is to show us what a fucking shower you remaining labour party supporters are.” – Anonymous

“…I fully expect in fifteen or twenty years you shall have successfully clambered the elusive mountain that is Basic Literacy.” – Storyteller

“There simply cannot be two people so stupid and with such limited and pathetic and similar vocabulary.” – Zorro

“Can someone please stop the baby crying, please?” – Thomas

“…the guy is deeply unpleasant, appears to be unable to construct a sentence without using the word “nazi” (I think that it’s wish-projection on his part), can’t write for shit and has the IQ of a retarded lung-fish, DES is also stunningly naive.” – DK

“Just please fuck off, you pig ignorant fucktard.” – Anonymous

“…an IQ of 120? Is that as measured against the average chimp population?” – DK

“Go get fucked you ignorant arrogant fuctard. Come back when you need to shave. This isn’t the student Union bar, and you are not surrounded by a bunch of groupie adoring first year freshers. Here you impress no one, and indeed, only demonstrate your immaturity.” – Sir Henry Morgan

“…wankspunk…” – Sir Henry Morgan

“…spunkbubble…” – Sir Henry Morgan

“…foetid pool of liquefied stoat droppings.” – Leg-iron


“I demand you gargle my nutsack, you slack-jawed inbred kiddy-diddling fucktard.” – Anonymous

“…illiterate eurofederalist commie retard…” – Wonko

“…Dirty European Spunkmonkey…” – Wonko

“…slack jawed knob gobbler…” – Wonko

“DES combines a writing style which suggests he wears a welding mask and types with a mallet in each hand, with thought processes implying a forced lobotomy at the hands of a drunken chimp armed with a lump-hammer…” – Mac The Knife

“…sometimes I think he is just a fuck ignorant dick…” – The Nameless One

“…the number of pro-Liebour blogs is short enough to write on your
penis.” – Wonko

“Give us some evidence to support your claims to a vast academic qualification and an earth-shattering IQ instead of spewing forth your mewling, childish insults.” – Pupazz T Sinister

“I have no idea what makes him so stupid, but it clearly works. The turd-fondling, Gordo-shagging, smelly-crotched bastard.” – Pupazz T Sinister

“…don’t let your mind wander too far while you create these wonderfully cutting insults. It is, after all, far too small to really be out on its own.” – Pupazz T Sinister

“…you’re incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence that doesn’t read like it was written by a mentally defective chimp wearing boxing gloves…” – Wonko

“…the only way you would be able to score 120 on an IQ test would be if the only questions were your name and age and the answers were multiple choice.” – Wonko

“Chances are you were banned from LH for the same reason you’ve been banned from the Telegraph, from Dale, etc – because you’re a bloody pillock. Excuse my language on your blog, Luke, but this twerp has naff all to add to any debate. Little Sir Echo with an IQ bypass.” – Gordon_Broon_Eats_Hez_Bawgies

“I’m sorry to say that he seems to be a sandwich short of a picnic.” – The Morningstar

“…he is a number one loon…” – tbrrob

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Do feel free to send me many, many more of these. I can be reached via the following email address:

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